2022 Trends to Have an Eye-Catching Website Design

Keeping on top of trends in the digital platform can be difficult, especially if you’re not attuned to the times. This is one of the reasons why a business owner must work with a savvy and dedicated team to create a website that’s appealing to their target audience. 

While trends come and go, it is crucial for a business in the digital platform to provide its target clients with what they want. That’s called being responsive to their needs and is a critical component to achieving success. Clients appreciate seeing something new whenever they visit a website, and it is up to the company to find out what’s trending at the moment. 

Companies must work closely with their site design team to provide what their customers need. They will do great to work with a local firm because they usually know what their client base wants. However, if that isn’t possible, Nashville web design companies can help out quickly, especially if their business is in the Nashville area.

Here are some of the emerging website trends you can look forward to in 2022.

Playful retro web designs are coming back

Web designers are now creating sites as a form of art. More and more designers use subtle colors, sophisticated textures, and serif fonts as design elements. These elements help in projecting a positive image to the audience. Coupled with a streamlined layout, your page will easily stand out from the rest.

App-like experiences are becoming the norm

Customers like interactivity, and with several mobile phone applications offering the same experience, they’re also looking at sites to provide the same experience. Your company can integrate various animations and create interactive site-exclusive activities to draw organic traffic faster. You can even create a page-wide scavenger hunt to increase engagement and enjoyment. You can reward your customers that way and at the same time increase brand identity. 

Interactive typography

Aside from web designers creating sites with bigger fonts, they’re also finding ways for the typography to interact with the user’s mouse. This makes the experience more pleasurable as designers can incorporate increasing fonts whenever the cursor moves right over them. This particular interaction will benefit many users who may have difficulty reading the content. 

Split-screen websites

If you want to make your webpage stand out, even more, you can employ a design that breaks down monotony. The split-screen design ensures that you create contrast, content separation, and visual interest. This design allows you to express your creativity and layout skills while controlling the presentation. If you’re interested in creating such a layout, reputable web designer Nashville firms can help you out tremendously. 

Inclusive content copy

One of the best trends that you can follow to remain on top in 2022 is inclusive copy. Companies now realize that language is a powerful tool affecting their viewers. As a result, more sites now use inclusive language that makes their page more welcoming and responsive to different societal constructs. 


Staying atop the emerging trends means your website will remain responsive to the needs of its target clientele. Your goal is to ensure that your website provides them with the necessary content and resources to make the interaction as enjoyable as possible.